Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Fellow author A.F.E. Smith has nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award, ‘cause I can be inspiring. Really, I can, especially after a good workout and a cold shower and maybe a bar of very dark chocolate . . . but the point is that I can get there . . . to being inspiring, I mean. Anyway, You can read Anna’s original post here.The rules are that I list seven facts about me and then tag up to fifteen more people to receive the award.

So here I go:

1. I am a cat person. Nothing wrong with dogs, but cats rule. My cat Mimi gives me all the cuddle time I need without asking for a walk or cleaning THAT which follows a walk.

2. I love and horde accessories like wool socks, scarfs, hoodies, beanies, gloves, basically anything that makes me feel warm and looks terribly cozy and cute.

3. I dream big. I mean BIG, IMPOSSIBLE dreams! They gives me aim. Something to shoot for. In spite of this, I expect nothing and thus I’m made happy by the mere pursuit of these dreams. The thrill is in the journey.

4. English is not my first language. So when I started writing I was a closet author, afraid that people would laugh at me because I would dare write a novel in English! Obviously, it was all in my head. I’m over it, though. Now I won’t shut up about it.

5. You can bribe me with a can of Diet Sunkist and a bag of Cheetos.

6. I have been to 22 states and plan to visit them all one day.

7. I was once attacked by a rooster. It’s quite the story. People laugh when I tell it, but it ain’t funny. Oh no!

Now I’d like to nominate these inspiring people:

Jamie Farrell
DelSheree Gladden
Kelley Grant
Jason W. LaPier
Lisa Maxwell
Dana Square
Meda White

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