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2016 Writing Goals

So like every year, here are my 2016 writing goals. Besides my writing projects, I’ve also included a goal that relates to the giveaways I like doing. I love sharing books with people but I will chance my focus a little this time. Here we go . . .

  • Goal #1: Write the last book in the Ignite The Shadows trilogy ~ I’ve actually started on this already and have 4k words. Ya!
    01/04/2016 – 90% complete – Ha ha. It doesn’t look like much but every word counts

    90 %

  • Goal #2: Publish 2nd Book in The Morphid Chronicles ~ Keeper ~ this is SO close. Ripper is with my editor and it’s extremely close to getting a release date. Can’t wait

  • 90 %

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The Best Writing Process

I love hearing people talk about their writing process. Seeing how the creativity of others works is very interesting and there is much one can learn from it. But when people try to tell me that my process is wrong and I should write the way they do, well, I don’t like that so much.

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Write Every Day

I’ve seen this quote attributed to Sir Winston Churchill and Napoleon Hill. Whichever the case, it’s a great quote and one that people with big dreams should examine closely. Because to have a big dream isn’t enough. Very few who have ever succeeded have reached their goals solely on luck, and this couldn’t be truer for authors—even those who are considered one-hit wonders had to work very hard to have their one success. Writing even just one book is a labor, preferably one born from love. All published writers have to sit down, day in and day out, to lay their ideas on the page, to shape them and bring them to life through sweat, tears and blood (metaphorically, I should hope.)

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Write A Book In Your Lunch Hour

An author’s gotta eat and so does her family.

There’s that AND other pesky, little things that sit at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which every human being has to take care of before aspiring to greater things . . . like writing all the words that make up a novel.

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Top 3 Reasons to Get a Literary Agent

During my writing years, I’ve met many authors, all in many stages of their publishing careers. New authors, seasoned authors; fly-by-night authors, committed authors; enthusiastic authors, disenchanted authors; indie-published authors, traditionally-published authors; agented authors, unagented authors.

You name it. The gamut runs as tall as it runs wide.

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