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For Book Clubs


1) How has hiding her struggle with the shadows from everyone affected Marci’s personality?

2) Why does Xave want to appear tough and in control?

3) Discuss Marci’s relationship with her mother.

4) How plausible would it be for a different species to hide among us?

5) Why is James so secretive? What good reasons justify him?

6) Discuss how Marci felt when she found out what’s been wrong with her all these years

7) Discuss the moral implications of destroying Elliot’s clinic and its contents.


1) How does Greg feel about his metamorphosis? Why doesn’t he want to be like his parents?

2) Why is Greg’s mother upset about his caste? Does she have a point in her desires for him?

3) Describe the relationship between Sam and her parents. How does this relationship define her personality?

4) How could Sam deal with her feelings toward her parents and their lack of interest in her life?

5) What would be the implications of losing one’s free will?

6) Does a caste system makes things easier or harder for Morphids?

7) Discuss what could be Regent Danata’s motivations for going against Sam.

The History Behind Keeper



As you may know, the first installment of Keeper came out in February 2014 and the next three volumes will release one each month, leading to the omnibus edition in July of the same year. And guys, you have no idea how this sounds to me. It’s music to my ears! I practically hear little cherubs playing harps and singing in angelic voices. That’s how thrilled I am.

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