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Meet Leia Stone

Today on the blog, I’d like you to meet Leia Stone. I recently finished reading her novel KEEPER which I greatly enjoyed. To share a bit about Leia, she is a full time indie author with several successful novels under her belt, including the well-received Matefinder series.

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Meet Laura Liddell Nolen

INGRID: Hi Laura, I’m very excited to have you on the blog today as part of the #VitualVoyager tour. It gave me the perfect excuse to move your book, THE ARK, to the top of my reading list, and boy, am I glad?! I had a fantastic time reading your work. I went through it in a couple of days, its ticking plot keeping me on my toes the whole time. What a treat.

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Meet Lexie Dunne

Today on the blog, I’d like to meet Lexie Dunne. Her debut novel was published this year by Harper Voyager Impulse and the sequel comes out this summer, for which I cannot wait. To share a bit about Lexie, I can tell you that she started writing from an early age, always with a speculative flare. She has an insane love for science fiction and fantasy, Boston Terriers (she has an adorable one named Nikki) and Dr. Pepper. She’s from St. Louis, works as a technical writer and enjoys knock knock jokes way too much . . . seriously, check out her twitter feed; it’s quite entertaining.

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